Our team

Our Team

The Pavilion School is led by Co-Founder and Principal Josie Howie. Each campus is led by a Campus Coordinator. At The Pavilion School every class group is supported by one teacher, one youth worker and student support worker (teacher assistant) who work together to support the academic, social, and emotional development of students.

Teaching Team

At the Pavilion we employ primary and secondary trained teachers with a range of teaching backgrounds and diverse experience.  Each teacher is supported by an instructional coach and the teacher team work collegiately to plan integrated curriculum, lessons and evaluate their practice.  Every teacher teaches across all subject areas of the the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) and VCE-Vocational Major (VCE-VM) and students can stay with their allocated teacher for a number of years and develop trusting relationships.  Every class at the Pavilion School is supported by a teacher assistant.  Teacher assistants work with individual students and small groups to help students engage with learning tasks. 

Pathways Team

The Pavilion School’s Pathways Team is dedicated to guiding students through their educational and career journeys. We focus on creating personalised pathways that align with each student’s interests and strengths, helping them transition smoothly from school to further education, training, or employment. Our program is centred around exploring and exposing students to various career opportunities, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future. We provide comprehensive career counselling and coaching, access to VET programs and hands-on learning opportunities, support for university entry through programs like the LaTrobe Uni Prepare Program, and Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) placements to gain real-world experience. We believe in empowering students to achieve their goals by providing the resources and support needed for success.

Koorie Team

Pavilion Koori Programs consist of a small team of First Nations workers who collaborate on implementing culturally safe and relevant perspectives into the curriculum and providing enriching cultural programs for all First Nations students. Koori Programs provide in-house cultural representation and onsite support from our culturally inclusive safe space, The Koori Hub. Our Koori hub provides a central space within the school for all First Nations students and staff to connect with each other continually. Within the Koori Programs Team, we have our Koori Programs Coordinator and Koori Programs Support worker who are based cross-campus to support all First Nations students. We also have Koori specific Education Support staff who are based predominately in classes with students. Together, we support and mentor First Nations students on their cultural journey by creating exposure, opportunities and culturally specific experiences while using strengths-based frameworks to focus on empowering them to gain greater confidence with their culture. 

Wellbeing Team

The Pavilion student wellbeing team is made up of a range of professionals who work together to improve the social and emotional health of our students.   Youth workers and social workers are allocated to each student and work in and out of the class to assist students to engage in learning.  A psychologist is available to do student assessments, counselling and staff professional development.  All staff are supported by a senior wellbeing worker who provides supervision to staff.