Referral process 

Criteria for referral

The Pavilion School is set up for students who have disengaged from school are not able to attend their local secondary school or another mainstream secondary school.  We believe that if a student is able to attend a full time program at a secondary school close to home then this is the best outcome for young people.  However for many young people this is not possible and a flexible learning program like The Pavilion School is the best option.  For these young people we make sure that the referral process is as easy as possible because we understand that there have been many barriers to education in the past.

When a young person is referred to The Pavilion we will make sure that:

  1. The young person is of secondary school age (12-18 years)
  2. The young person is not able to attend a full time mainstream school close to home due to school exclusion, severe behavioural problems or other complex personal difficulties.
  3. A flexible program with a reduced timetable is acceptable to the young person and their parent / carer.
  4. The young person is willing to continue their education.

If these criteria are met then the referral will be processed by our intake workers.  It is important to note that if these criteria are met then young people will not be judged or refused enrolment due to their behaviour at previous schools, their living situation or their presentation at enrolment interviews.


VIDEO: Students talk about the Pavilion School
Referral process and wait list

Young people are referred by themselves, friends, family or previous schools.   Referrals are completed and submitted on line at our school website and the referring person is contacted by our intake workers.  The Pavilion School often has a waiting list due to the high demand at both campuses.  If a student is referred and put on a waiting list then the intake worker will keep in touch with the young person and their family/carer until a spot becomes available.  Intake workers will prioritise students on the waiting list according to need and assist young people to find alternative educational options if appropriate.

Referral Form

Details of person referring

Student details

Parent/Guardian details

Support worker

DHHS involvement

Reasons for disengagement from previous school